Blumberg Environmental Planning & Design Co.

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We are specialized in the following ecotechnologies:

  • constructed wetlands
  • reed bed sludge treatment
  • stormwater treatment wetlands
  • green wetland roofs
  • floating islands
  • natural swimming pools
  • wetland restoration

Realized projects

Case studies

Some realized projects are listed below:

Free water surface flow constructed wetland system and natural wetland restoration project at Jilin province, China »

An impression of the huge natural reed marshes in Momoge with more than 200 bird species, some of them six endangered crane species, is given by some film sequences of the comparable nature reserve in Xianghai (also in Jilin province).

      Flash-Video "The home in Xianghai"

Flash-Video The home in XiangHai

Some further realized projects by Blumberg engineers are listed below:

Blumberg Engineers in Germany:

Blumberg Engineers
 Ingenieurbüro Blumberg

Gänsemarkt 10
D-37120 Bovenden

www.blumberg-engineers.de »

Since 2003 we realize constructed wetlands with our Chinese partner companies:

Liaoning Best Enterprise

China Huaxi Engineering
P.R. China

www.lnbsd.cn »

Suzhou DeHua Eco Tech Ltd.

Room 401 - 402
No. 110 JiuHua Road
Suzhou Industrial Park 215027
P.R. China

www.dehua-eco.com »