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We are specialized in the following ecotechnologies:

  • constructed wetlands
  • reed bed sludge treatment
  • stormwater treatment wetlands
  • green wetland roofs
  • floating islands
  • natural swimming pools
  • wetland restoration

Constructed Wetlands

Constructed wetlands

Constructed wetland systems are increasingly being employed for treatment of wastewaters, sludges and industrial effluents as a cost-effective, low energy and robust alternative to traditional engineered biological treatment such as the activated sludge process.

Constructed wetlands (CWs) are classified according to their mode of operation as surface flow, horizontal flow, vertical downflow or vertical upflow type.

They have been used successfully in the treatment of domestic sewage, urban, highway and stormwater runoff, acid mine drainage, agricultural wastewater and industrial effluents (including landfill leachate). BOD and solids reduction occurs through microbial activity and removal of nitrogen and phosphorus through the processes of filtration, denitrification, plant uptake and sorption.

Constructed wetlands

Constructed wetlands

Blumberg Engineers in Germany:

Blumberg Engineers
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Since 2003 we realize constructed wetlands with our Chinese partner companies:


Liaoning Best Enterprise

China Huaxi Engineering
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Suzhou DeHua Eco Tech Ltd.

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