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We are specialized in the following ecotechnologies:

  • constructed wetlands
  • reed bed sludge treatment
  • stormwater treatment wetlands
  • green wetland roofs
  • floating islands
  • natural swimming pools
  • wetland restoration

Landfill leachate treatment

Landfill leachate treatment by constructed wetlands

In the south-east of Hamburg surveyors in 1978 detected that major quantities of contaminated seepage water were leaking from the south-western boundary of a former construction waste dumping site (18 ha), which had been closed down and recultivated. Due to the bad smell it emanated, the seepage also had a negative impact on the local recreational area. In a move to solve this inherited problem, the leaking waters were captured and a constructed wetland system was built using the root zone method. This close-to-nature disposal concept, at the heart of which is a reed bed, was put into practice by the city of Hamburg in 1986. Blumberg engineers were commissioned to supervise the operation of the treatment system.

Description of the water treatment procedure

Blumberg Engineers in Germany:

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Since 2003 we realize constructed wetlands with our Chinese partner companies:

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1  Influent pipe 4  HD-PE
    (2.5 mm)
7  Control and  
10  Fence
2  Inlet
5  Reed
8  Drain pipe 11  Draining ditch 
3  Ground-water
6  Outlet ditch 9  Windmill pump

Clarification results - mean decomposition rates of selected parameters

Influent Effluent
Chlorinated hydrocarbons

Chlorbenzenes (µg/l)(1) 47.2 1.6
Chlorphenols (µg/l) 25,5 1.6

Aromatic hydrocarbons

Benzene (µg/l) 62 1.35
Ethylene benzene (µg/l) 22 n.d.(2)
Naphthalene (µg/l) 31 0.02

Heavy metals

Arsenic (µg/l) 29 8
Mercury (µg/l) 0.9 0.6
( (1) µg/l – microgram per liters = 0.000001 g/l; (2) n.d. - not detectable )

After 25 years of operation this close-to-nature landfill leachate treatment plant
(constructed wetland) is still operating at a continuously high quality level. In addition,
the building and operating costs have been much lower than those of conventional
technical procedures.

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